IMG_8078.jpgThe Total Pain Care physicians and staff provide a wide range of specialized services designed to provide the best possible treatment options for their patients, regardless of the origin and type of pain.

Botox for Myofascial Pain/Migraine Pain

Celiac Plexus (Animation)

Cryo Illioinguinal

Cryo Intercostal

Cryo Other Periphal Nerve

Disc Aspiration

Epidural Blood Patch

Epidural Steroids / Transforaminal

Facet Injections

Ganglion of Impar Block

Hypogastric Block

Illioinguinal Nerve Block

Intraspinal Opioid Implant

Intercostal Nerve Block

Joint Injections


Occipital Nerve Block

Piriformis Injection

Radiofrequency Procedures

​​Regenerative Medicine

Selective Nerve Root Injection (Animation)

Spinal Cord Stimulator Implant

Sympathetic Block

Trigger Point Injection (Animation)

Vertebral Body Biopsy